Smart Nanovirus® Limited is a UK-based company that wants to change the world and promote an open and healthy-thinking society, aimed at stopping the spread of cancer around the world. As we all know, smart choice of diet and food supplements is the prerequisite for health and longevity.


As our first pilot product, we have created Rigvir SE, a food supplement with a unique formula containing a live, adapted, non-pathogenic and non-genetically modified ECHO-7 virus which has a long and proved trial and medical history, including practical use in the form of an anti-cancer medicine Rigvir. More about Rigvir SE – Click 


We have chosen to develop this virus in the non-medical segment, decreasing its therapeutic capacity multiple times and combining it with other components, to allow it to serve people as an effective food supplement in the future.


The future of Rigvir SE is synergy with early cancer detection technologies, digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence.


We are already working on the next prototypes and new production technologies to make food supplements with the adapted ECHO-7 virus increasingly more available to people from around the world.

Exclusive rights

ECHO-7 virus Rigvir is internationally patented. Smart Nanovirus® Limited has received an exclusive licence for the use of the ECHO-7 Rigvir virus and Rigvir trademark in the development of non-medical products and projects.

Sales & Distribution

Rigvir SE retail sales for customers is ensured through the company’s webstore www.smartnanovirus.com, other authorised webstores and healthcare professionals.


Partners can receive distribution rights in the B2B segment and the right to place Rigvir SE in online marketplaces only by concluding a Cooperation Agreement. This is preceded by a partner audit.


The heart of the team are people working for many years in the pharmacy as well as in the research and development of oncolytic viruses; who find it important to help others by making this world a better place.

Jurgis Auzins


As the leader of Smart Nanovirus, Jurgis guides the company with a vision for strategic growth and innovation that can change the global healthcare paradigm. With 20+ years of experience in biotechnology, medicine, and business management, he combines expertise with a results-driven approach to steer the company toward success.


Jurgis fosters a strong, inclusive culture and empowers employees. Under his leadership, Smart Nanovirus consistently develops new, unique products while delivering exceptional service and building lasting client relationships.

Prof. Ivars Kalvins, PhD. habil. chem.

Leading scientist

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As Leading Scientist at Smart Nanovirus, Ivars Kalvins, PhD. chem. brings pioneering research and innovation to the company. With decades of experience in medicinal chemistry and drug development, he leads projects that advance global healthcare. He is the author of 500 publications and patent applications. Awarded a WIPO Golden Medal.


Prof. Kalvins is committed to pushing boundaries and fostering excellence. His work at Smart Nanovirus focuses on developing new, transformative solutions while strengthening the company’s reputation for impactful, innovative, cutting-edge research.